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Randal Pham, MD

Plastic Surgery

Laser Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This surgery is performed to remove sagging tissues, which can include: skin, muscle and protruding fat pockets on the upper and lower eyelids. Dr. Pham uses laser surgery to remove these tissues; the incisions are made in the natural skin folds of the eyelids, which makes them virtually unnoticeable after healing is completed. The laser helps achieve quicker recovery.

Randal Pham, MD

Blepharoplasty Information

Surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids is called blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). The goal of blepharoplasty is to give the eyes a more youthful look by removing excess skin, bulging fat, and lax muscle from the upper or lower lids. If the sagging skin obstructs peripheral vision, blepharoplasty can eliminate the obstruction and expand the visual field. Excess skin and fat are removed from the upper lid through an incision hidden in the natural eyelid crease. If the upper lid is droopy, the muscle that raises the lid can be tightened. The incision is then closed with fine sutures. Fat in the lower lid can be removed or repositioned through an incision hidden on the inner surface of the lid (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). Laser resurfacing or a chemical peel can be performed at the same time if desired, to smooth and tighten the lower lid skin. If there is excessive skin in the lower lid, the incision is made just below the lashes. Fat can be removed or re-positioned through this incision, and the excess skin removed. The incision is then closed with fine sutures.

Blepharoplasty by itself will not elevate a drooping brow or remove wrinkles in the crow’s feet area. A procedure to elevate the brows may be appropriate, instead of, or in addition to upper lid blepharoplasty. Dr. Pham also performs brow lifts and other procedures around the eye using lasers.

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Rhinoplasty (Nasal Dorsum Implant)

Rhinoplasty augments the radix and dorsum of the nose. The tapered profile of the implant provides a more aesthetically pleasing nose for Asians or other ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

Dr. Pham designed a patented porous polyethylene implant for use to improve nasal dorsum in Asians. The interconnecting, omni-directional pore structure of the implant has been successfully providing surgeons with an excellent alternative to grafts for nasal augmentation since the 1980’s.

Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

Rhytidectomy is performed to remove loose, sagging, or excess skin from the face and neck. This can be done under I.V. sedation or general anesthesia depending on the extent of the surgery. This allows the patient to be comfortable during surgery. All surgery is individualized to fit the patient’s needs.

Randal Pham, MD

Rhytidectomy Benefits

  • Fresh, new, rejuvinated skin
  • Smoothed out jaw line (no jowls!)
  • Wrinkle reduction/removal
  • Excess fat removal
  • Neck and facial muscle tightening
  • Self Esteem and confidence booster!

Acne Scars

Laser procedures can be used to remove varicose veins, spider veins, permanent make-up, birthmarks, most tattoos, blemishes, freckles, age spots, wrinkles, and creases. Wrinkles, lines, and brown spots fade after laser resurfacing. Generally once a blemish is treated it almost never comes back.

A laser can remove blemishes in the top layers of the skin (such as freckles and spider veins) in one treatment. Two or more treatments may be required for some other types of blemishes. As the skin heals it feels tighter it looks smoother and softer, enhancing the appearance. The laser also seals nerve endings and blood vessels so there is little bleeding or pain.

Randal Pham, MD

A laser successfully removes blemishes because the beam it produces is a high-energy light that can be precisely controlled to remove 25 microns of skin layer each time. Because the laser beam is very precise, it causes little tissue inflammation and thereby reduces the chance of scarring.

Dr. Pham has successfully reduced scarring from acne on many patients. See the picture below for an example of what Dr. Pham can do for your acne scars.

Removal of Lip Lines

Laser resurfacing treatments can smooth vertical lip lines. These resurfacing treatments can be used either alone or in combination with injectable lip fillers. All lasers used for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation use beams of high energy to tighten and repair skin. Although there have been several types of lasers in use over the years, fractional lasers are one of the most popular, gentle and effective.

A fractional laser causes skin to replace damaged and wrinkled skin with new skin. It also encourages the body to produce collagen. You’ll probably need three to five treatments, over several months, to get the desired results – which might take a little longer to notice than with injectable fillers (about a week). However, once the initial series is complete, the results can last for a year before another treatment is needed.

Immediate Skin Tightening

Immediate contraction of collagen fibers reduces wrinkles and loose skin. Skin laxity is noticeably improved. These procedures can be performed with lasers and/or radiofrequency devices

Skin Textural Improvement

Removes pigmentation problems, reduces pore size, wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities. These procedures can be performed with lasers and/or radiofrequency devices.

Effective on Skin Lesions

Effective on dyschromia (discoloration from sun damage and aging) and on actinic keratoses (pre-cancerous cells that may be invisible to the naked eye). These procedures can be performed with lasers and/or radiofrequency devices.

Down Time

The remarkable results these advanced techniques make the healing process much quicker and enables patients to get back to their normal life style sooner.